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Location: Geelong (Victoria, Australia)
Specializes in: Children & family photography
Photographer: Adrienne Campbell is a professional photographer, who specialises in babies, children and families. She likes to photograph children and families at their own home doing everyday things, and uses her significant skills and experience to capture these precious memories for her many customers. Adrienne keeps a blog, where she posts some of her favourite photos.


Location: St. Louis (Illinois, USA)
Photographer: Theresa Davinroy is a highly experienced professional photographer, who has photographed at least seventy weddings, over one hundred events, many families, and countless other projects. Theresa keeps a blog where she showcases some of her work.


Location: Winterthur (Switzerland)
Photographer: Roger is a Business Analyst, who takes photos as a hobby. He allows people to use and redistribute his work free of charge, subject to the by-sa creative commons license. Roger keeps an archive, which he frequently updates.


Location: Malaysia
Specializes in: Wedding & event photography
Previously named: Creative 26 Photography
Member of:
  • Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI)
  • Nikon Professional Services (NPS)

Photography and Web Design


Location: London (England, UK)
Photographer: Geoff Lowe is a qualified photographer and a web designer. He allows people to purchase his photos and loves shooting landscapes, wildlife and architecture. Geoff sometimes posts his photos on a blog.


Location: Cape Town (South Africa)
Founder: Teresa Jeffcote

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